Thursday, August 30, 2012

Saved by a Fall

Normally, falling off a truck in the middle of a highway would seem horribly sad, but since these turtles were on their way to be sold as food the bump of the street must have brought relief. 

Turtle rescue slows traffic on Highway 58 | KGET TV 17

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rare Reptile Student Status

All the headlines on this 'happy ending' make it sound like the turtle became a student, yet the articles state little about what the turtle will do on campus. Does anyone know if he/she will be a student, the subject of a study, or a free agent roaming campus like a 12th year senior?

Turtle becomes talk of town, goes to college | Zanesville Times Recorder |

Turtley Mean

In case you were wondering, turtles do not like to fly and have trouble climbing trees and / or getting out of them. Please don't torture your local reptiles by trying to create the sequel to Disney's "Up".  Thank you & have a turtley awesome day!

The news that inspired this message: A Terrible Person Taped a Turtle to Some Balloons, Then Let It Go [Horrible People]