Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Help Find Butch

Turtles are better at escaping than you might think. My little pokey once managed to escape from her outdoor enclosure which was bordered by a two story stucco house on two sides and bricks placed one foot into the ground and two feet above the ground on the other two sides. I still haven’t figured out how a six inch box turtle pulled that one off, but thankfully, my story has a happy ending.

I recently read of a desert tortoise named Butch who went missing in Cupertino and it broke my heart. Butch was the beloved friend of Opal Carle, who died at age 93 this past summer. He was given to her as a gift when she moved into her home in 1943 and she left him to her daughter Penny when she passed. Penny believes that Butch was taken on the afternoon of September 25th while she was away from the home. I hope he merely escaped in some unforeseen manner as that would increase the chances he might be returned, but Penny is convinced he was stolen.

I hope the average person can understand how a pet that is in the family for 65 years can become as dear to you as your own child. I pray that someone will find him and take him home. Time could be running out for this elderly tortoise, estimated to be 150 years old. Life is fragile for these mystical creatures – he could easily catch pneumonia if not properly cared for through the winter. Please spread the word about Butch and help send him back to his family.

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