Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Does your mom love turtles too? Here's the perfect gift!

Adopt a Nest of Sea Turtles for Mother's Day!

Instead of giving flowers and candy this year, adopt a nest of sea turtle hatchlings in honor of your mother.

Sea turtles have graced our oceans for 100 million years. The Sea Turtle Restoration Project is working hard to make sure that as many hatchlings survive as possible.

When you adopt a nest of sea turtle hatchlings, your loved one will receive:
• A personalized certificate of adoption
• A color photograph of your hatchlings emerging from their nest
• Fact sheets about the sea turtles
• A one-year membership in the Sea Turtle Restoration Project including a subscription to our newsletter, Viva La Tortuga!

Adoption funds support sea turtle conservation work, including:
• Projects to protect sea turtle nesting beaches
• Efforts to ensure that sea turtles are not needlessly caught and drowned in industrial fishing lines and nets
• International programs to teach local communities about sea turtle conservation.

Order at: http://seaturtles.org/adopt

Adopt-A-Nests are $45.00 for addresses within the U.S. and $55.00 for addresses outside the U.S.

The deadline to order a Mother's Day Adopt A Nest is May 6. After May 6th, we cannot guarantee the adoption packet will arrive in time for Mother's Day.

The Adopt-a-Nest Program is tax deductible.

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