Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Live Turtle Keychains?!

The word is that you can buy a live Brazilian turtle while waiting for the subway in China.  The sellers are stating that the colored water they're floating in is nutrient rich.  Whoop-de-doo!  One baggie of water and vitamins... how long can a baby survive on that?  Perhaps an upcoming mob of disgruntled customers will put a stop to this before the animal protection agencies can persuade the Chinese government to care.  I hope so. 


  1. i love that your blog is about turtles and even more that you are a turtle owner. i get a lot of 'turtles don't even care' comments, and it pisses me off because they are adorable animals.
    when i got one of my turtles he was in a dark basement store with no real light. kinda pisses me off to know they are sold like popcorn on the subway in lousy bags.

  2. Rae - it TOTALLY pisses me off to know turtles are sold by the subway in sealed bags. It is ridiculous. I wish the world could understand... just because they have a shell does NOT mean they are indestructible.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I do hope you'll come again. Normally I post a little more often, but I'm participating in National Poetry Month on my other blog and it is keeping me very busy. :)