Sunday, September 4, 2011

Turtle Reef at Sea World® San Diego

As of this summer, Pokey and I live about 215 miles away from the largest sea turtle display in the world.  That is when they opened the Turtle Reef exhibit at Sea World® in San Diego.  In August, I paid my beloved sea turtle friends a visit.

The nearly 300,000 gallon tank is breathtaking.  Wall-to-wall coral reefs are home to nearly 60 hawksbill and green sea turtles and a vibrant display of tropical fish.  I stood there staring with the childlike wonder of a four year old for nearly five minutes before snapping a hundred pictures with my camera.

It was apparent that the turtles don't always like their tank mates...

or perhaps they just get bored and like to put on a show.  (No sea turtles were injured during this fin and neck nibbling moment, however, many bystanders were overcome with giggles watching them play.)

The tank at Sea World® is also home to quite a few baby sea turtles which hatched there in 2009.  Although some may feel more than a sigh over the fact that their fins have never truly felt the currents of the big blue, I think they are quite happy in this serene environment, carefully protected from the harsh realities of everyday ocean life.  Sea World® shows it's dedication to sea turtles in the wild through it's non-profit foundation, the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, which donates millions of dollars to animal conservation projects every year.  It made me smile to know my ticket proceeds would spoil not only these turtles, but also other needy populations all over the world... and many other animals at the park and elsewhere.

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