Thursday, February 27, 2014

Turtley Awesome Etsy Store: Mossy Tortoise

Stegosaurus Turtle Cozy by Mossy Tortoise

Where can you buy your turtle or tortoise something cute to wear to help them stand out in the wild or the pattern to crochet them something cozy yourself?  From Katie Bradley of Mossy Tortoise on Etsy.  I swore I was going to make Pokey one of these, but haven't... yet.  (I'm currently using the excuse that I can't decide what type of flower to adorn her with.)  However, if you buy one from Katie, 10% of your purchase will benefit the International Reptile Rescue in Canby Oregon and the rest towards the tortoises she rescues and rehabilitates.  Pokey thinks that's a win-win purchase every turtle lover should indulge in.

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