Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pokey's First Softshell Turtle Friend

Pokey made a friend!  Lisa has a pond in her back yard where this Florida Softshell Turtle lives with a few chicken turtle friends.  Softshell Turtles like to bury themselves in the sand, but this one always comes out when Lisa wanders over to the pond because she brings bread.  Normally this turtle feasts on fish, frogs and other pond inhabitants, but we all have our empty calory indulgences, right? Perhaps this softshell was a duck in its past life and simply cannot give up it's bread addiction?  All I know is we shouldn't knock the food choices of one of the prime turtle food targets.  Softshell turtles are being hunted all over Florida right now because companies in Asia are willing to pay top dollar for their meat.  Thank you Lisa for keeping Pokey's Softshell Turtle friend safe!  :)

If you would like to thank Lisa for sharing her turtle photos, you can visit her at her blogs:  The Diet Talk, What I Love About Painting, and How Do I Get Whiter Teeth.


  1. Love it, she also eats pasta, I know strange but I feed my fish and wildlife whatever i have availble but I never feed the alligators!!! Just the ducks, fish and turtles...: )

  2. LOL. Pasta... the ultimate pond animal indulgence. :) Too cute.