Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Conclusion of Pokey vs. New Zealand

by Rachel Hoyt

Image by kongsky via freedigitalphoto.net

Pokey started talking to me again this morning and, as often happens after a bout of silence, she had sincere wisdom to share with me.  She admitted she was jealous and didn't want any other animal or insect to rank above her on the coolness pyramid.  I comforted her the same way men comfort us ladies... "Oh Pokey dear.  Don't be silly.  No one could ever take your place." and gave her a kiss on the nose.  Unfortunately, when it was Pokey's turn to speak, the bottom line was revealed.  The fact is, I don't have enough money to buy a plane ticket at the moment.  My designated travel savings consists of a jar full of change interspersed with a few dollar bills of different denominations.  Despite the fact that there are some very affordable package deals available, I don't have enough yet.  But, if anyone would care to bribe a writer with an all inclusive trip, I am avaialable... assuming I can get the time off work...  I can tell the world about your country through letters to Pokey or using my rhyming poetry.  For now I'll just have to dream of the Jaffa Roll, building my own spa at hot beach, and seeing creatures that have lived since the time of dinosaurs... and get back to writing about turtles instead of my crazy conversations with Pokey... unless, of course, you want those to continue too...

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