Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ornamental Box Turtles Seized

Customs officials in India seized 400 live ornamental box turtles from a man who tried to smuggle them in from Singapore on Sunday.  I (obviously) think keeping turtles as pets is fun, but I am not ok with people smuggling them to new locations just to give someone the opportunity to have a pet turtle.  Despite the stoic, "you can't hurt me" image turtles seem to have, they can be quite fragile.  If not provided with the proper care (food, water, temperature and germ control), they will most certainly not live their full life span.  I cannot imagine that being packed in a suitcase, thrown around by baggage handlers, and stuffed in the bottom of an airplane is good for their health.  Also, I am not certain I believe those box turtles were truly intended to be pets.  To take a risk like that, one must be looking to make top dollar... and I believe that selling them for food still pays more.  (Don't worry, I covered Pokey's eyes and ears so she wouldn't have to know that fact.  She might sink into major depression if she knew how popular turtle soup has become.)

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