Thursday, March 10, 2011

Terrified Turtles

Cheers to Donna, the turtle lady. She was watching over 40 turtles at the time of the Christchurch earthquake. After enduring the destruction of their aquariums and an interim period of plastic tub and shared tank time, the turtles are now on the way to their new home in Napier! Pokey and I salute the turtle lady for her amazing rescue efforts. She has already begun taking in new turtles at her home. Busy, busy, busy...
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  1. I am quite amazed at how you come up or find stories that relate to turtles! Pokey... do love the name.

  2. Where are the sheep? hehe
    I love the pokester!

  3. Rachel,
    I am joining in your salute to the turtle lady..

  4. @YogaSavy - Once I figured out how to find so many turtle stories fairly easily, it seemed silly not to put up this blog. :)

    @Alejandro - I think the sheep were busy being fluffy pillows for people to hug while the tremors continued. Also, I too call Pokey the pokester. Hehe.

    @Jessica - The turtle lady deserves many many salutes! :) Thanks!

  5. Hi Jorie! Thanks for visiting. :)

  6. Love the way you weave stories around Pokey. Thoroughly enjoyed Jorie