Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project

The list of places I want to travel to in has just grown by one: Dubai.  Did you know they have a turtle rehabilitation project there?  A big one.  (Yeah.  Me neither.)  Founded in 2004, they began taking in sick sea turtles, mostly endangered hawksbills.  Apparently the season during which they frequently wash up on the shore sick is winter. In 2008 they received, on average, 20 turtles per season.  So far this year they have taken in 210 sick sea turtles.  The scientists believe the turtles are suffering from lack of food. It seems they are hesitant to state why, but either they are starving themselves or it is because sea sponges and jelly fish are scarce due to the disappearance of coral reefs.  One point for global warming; negative 1000 for life on earth.  I don't think there are too many anorexic turtles swimming around the ocean.  What?  You think they watched Finding Nemo and became jealous of Crush's sleek appearance?  Get serious. 

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