Friday, March 4, 2011

Sea Turtle Photo Mystery Solved

Once upon a time, a very cute sea turtle photo graced my desktop.  I kept it up for about a year because the look on the turtle's face was priceless.  It had come to me through some random forwarded email, so I assumed it was photo shopped or something.  Today the mystery has been solved.  According to this article, it is a picture of a baby loggerhead being released into the ocean for the very first time!  No wonder the little dude looked so happy!!!


  1. Now that's gorgeous! and made me smile

    Cheers A

  2. That photo reminds me of "Crush" from Finding Nemo
    Love it

  3. Glad you both liked the photo! I too thought it looked like Crush from Finding Nemo... which happens to be one of my favorite movie clips of all times (the turtle scenes in Nemo).